Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Bat Removal

bat removal pennsylvaniaWe specialize in bat removal and exclusion services for Berks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. While bats may do their part in the cycle of life by preying on insects, they can become a nuisance and health hazard for your property and family. We provide humane bat removal, bat exclusion and bat proofing services. As with any wild animal, do not attempt to capture bats yourself – call us! We have years of experience humanely removing bats and colonies of bats from homes in Pennsylvania.

Bats Spread Disease

Bats are vectors for rabies and many other diseases and parasites. Bats often do not develop symptoms when infected. If you find a bat within your home, it is a good idea to seek medical attention and testing for rabies. Almost all domestically acquired cases of rabies are attributed to bat bites. Bats have very small teeth and can bite a sleeping person without necessarily being felt. Evidence has shown that it is possible for bats to spread the rabies virus purely through airborne transmission, without direct physical contact with the bat itself. Bat guano is also a vector for disease, containing parasites which are toxic to humans. Bat bugs are blood-sucking parasites that feed on the blood of bats. Bat bugs are closely related to bed bugs, and are commonly mistaken for bed bugs. Like bed bugs, bat bugs search for warm blooded hosts to feed on. Humans are often the next choice, especially when bats are no longer present.

How Do Bats Get In?

Bats typically enter through openings in or around bat structural entry points pennsylvania the attic, barns, belfries, chimney, dormers, eaves, gable apexes, roof edges, roof valleys, siding and vents. Once inside, bats foul locations with their guano, begin breeding and raising their young.





More On The Little Brown Bat

Little brown bats consume as many as two thousand insects every night. After mating in fall, winter is spent in caves, mine tunnels, and occasionally homes in the Delaware Valley. In spring, females find roosting locations where they raise their young. Once a roosting location is found, it used year after year. Young are born from early June through early July, and they begin flying within 3 weeks.

Humane Bat Trapping & Removal

Our technicians are state-licensed and specially trained in humane bat trapping, removal and exclusion services. We use special tools and techniques for quick and effective bat trapping. Our bat elimination service employs the use of one way doors or nets which prevent bats from returning. All humane bat trapping is done in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

Bat Exclusion & Bat Proofing

Bat exclusion is a safe, effective and permanent solution which humanely prevents bat colonies from entering a home or building. Bats use existing openings around the home to make their nests. If these openings are left unsealed, bats will re-enter. Our bat proofing exclusion services eliminate future bat infestations by sealing any openings in and around your home. This includes installing attic vent guards and gable vent guards. We also offer shutter exclusion to keep bats from nesting between the back and siding of shutters.

Wildlife Waste Is Toxic

animal waste in atticIf you have had animals in your attic, you could be harboring a significant health hazard. According to the Center for Disease Control, humans can contract diseases from wildlife when exposed to urine, droppings, saliva or nesting material. An animal presence in the attic means urine, feces and animal carcasses right above you and your family’s heads.

We can help! We will remove your contaminated attic insulation, disinfect, repair access holes and install a fresh, clean blanket of TAP pest control insulation. The Boric acid content of TAP insulation acts as a permanent pest control solution, disinfectant and odor eliminator where it is placed. Typical energy savings with TAP insulation range from 20%-38%.


Why Do People Trust Patriot To Remove Bats?

Patriot Pest Solutions offers over 20 years experience in bat removal and exclusion. We’re family owned and locally operated. Patriot Pest Solutions is a fully insured and licensed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Pennsylvania Trappers Association. All of our certified, state-licensed technicians are fully insured and ready to eliminate your bat problem. Our treatment methodology was devised by our own in-house Associate Certified Entomologist, one of twelve in the entire state of Pennsylvania. We know how to get rid of bats and keep them from coming back.

NWCOA Certified Pros

We’re Certified Wildlife Professionals by the National Wildlife Contnational wildlife control operators association pennsylvaniarol Operators Association. Our technicians are up to date with the latest training and certifications to provide you with the best and safest wildlife management service possible.



Proud Members of the PA Trapper Association

pennsylvania trappers associationWe’re proud to be a part of the Pennsylvania Trapper’s Association which promotes the humane trapping of wildlife. The Pennsylvania Trappers Association grew from just a handful of trappers in 1936 to become the largest state trapper’s organization in the United States.



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