Bed Bug Pest Control

Bed Bug Pest Control

PA bed bug pest control

Bed bugs are apple seed-sized, reddish brown bugs that feed on human blood at night. Bed bugs are frequently brought home from airports, clothing stores, hotels, movie theaters and used furniture.

Once inside, bed bugs are typically found close to where you sleep. These blood sucking pests can hide in cracks the thickness of a credit card. We frequently find bed bugs in baseboards, bed frames, box springs, cabinets, furniture, head boards, mattresses, night stands, picture frames – even behind electrical plate covers! No diseases have been spread by bed bugs, but they do cause discomfort and many sleepless nights.

Bed Bugs Have Returned

Bed bugs were once eliminated completely in the United States. Unfortunately, bed bugs have made a comeback over the last ten years. The bed bug resurgence is blamed on the increased international travel allowing bed bugs to travel from countries that do not combat bed bugs. Additionally, bed bugs have developed resistance to traditional pesticide applications. This resistance has made establishing control more difficult.

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like?

How do you know if you have bed bugs? Only a certified pest control professional can determine the full extent of your bed bug infestation, but there are common signs that indicate a bed bug presence. Finding live, adult bed bugs, bed bug bites, blood spots on sheets or bed bug castings or droppings are signs of pest activity.

adult bed bug
Adult Bed Bugs

Finding live bed bugs is a sure sign that there are more in your home.

bed bug bites
Bed Bug Bites

Clusters or rows of red, irritated bite sites. Commonly found on the back, insides of the arms, back of the legs and feet.

bed bug bite blood on sheets
Blood On Sheets

Small blood stains on your mattress or sheets.

bed bug castings on furniture
Castings / Droppings

Droppings, shed casings, shed skins and live bed bugs in the creases of furniture.

Bed Bug Inspection

bed bug inspection PA

Thorough inspection is key to bed bug detection. All of our certified, state-licensed technicians have been trained in bed bug detection by our in-house Associate Certified Entomologist, one of twelve in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Don’t wonder if you have bed bugs, find out for sure by contacting Patriot Pest Solutions for a FREE estimate on proven solutions to exterminate your bed bug infestation.

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Bed bug dogs can quickly pinpoint exact where bed bugs are present. Studies by the University of Florida in August 2008 showed dogs trained to locate live bugs had an overall accuracy of 97%. After alerting to an area, our technicians will visually inspect to verify their findings.

Three Types Of Treatments

We have three types of bed bug extermination methodologies available to you depending on your chemical sensitivity and price point.

bed bug organic pest control treatment
Organic Biological

100% bed bug extermination within days of a single non-toxic treatment.

bed bug thermal remediation pennsylvania
Heat Remediation

Heat treatments immediately eliminate 100% of bed bugs in a single treatment.

bed bug pesticide treatment pennsylvania
Chemical & Steam

Inexpensive, conventional treatments eliminate bed bugs in two treatments.

Non-Toxic Organic Treatment

Is there an organic treatment for bed bugs? Aprehend is a revolutionary fungal biopesticide for the elimination and prevention of bed bugs. Aprehend is an effective, non-toxic microbial pesticide specifically designed to control bed bugs. Unlike chemical pesticides, our organic treatment is equally effective on both pesticide resistant bed bugs as well as non pesticide resistant bed bugs. Application of Aprehend after heat treatments will prevent new bed bug colonies from popping up for up to 3 months. We recommend quarterly treatment for muti-unit dwellings (apartments, condominiums, town homes) as well as hotels and motels to help prevent future infestations.

  • 100% Effective at eliminating all bed bugs within days of treatment
  • Kills nymphs and adults
  • 1 Treatment with strong residual effectiveness
  • 3 month warranty if all rooms are treated
  • Non-chemical, 100% non-toxic biopesticide
  • Better effectiveness than heat at half the cost
  • Will have some level of activity for 3-10 days
  • Prevents future infestations with quarterly service

Heat Remediation Treatment

Did you know that heat kills all stages of bed bugs? Bed bug heat remediation treatments are an efficient and cost effective way to completely eradicate bed bug infestations without the use of pesticides. Heat treatments take only one day and leaves no odor or toxic residues behind, making heat the ideal choice for the extermination of bed bugs in both residential and commercial settings. Bed bug heat treatments penetrate walls and permeates every square inch of an infested room, ensuring that it is clean and clear of bed bugs.

  • 100% Effective at eliminating all bed bugs
  • Kills adults and nymphs, and eggs
  • 1 Treatment
  • Room released for normal use within 24 hours
  • Can be non-chemical, non-toxic
  • Kills bugs inside mattresses, box springs

Conventional Treatment Method

Looking for an inexpensive alternative to bed bug heat treatment? Conventional bed bug treatments rely on a combination of intense inspection, sanitation, steam treatment, mattress encasements, furniture isolators and residual pesticides. This treatment method has shown a very high rate of success eliminating bed bugs within apartments, homes and hotels.

  • Kills adults, nymphs and eggs
  • 2 very intensive treatments for control
  • Extensive steaming required, mattress covers required, bed bugs die over time
  • Will have some level of activity for 10-14 days
  • Can be 100% effective but will take longer to achieve complete control

A Peaceful Night’s Sleep Awaits You

bed bug treatment PA

Stop worrying about the bed bugs lurking underneath your bed. Patriot Pest Solution’s state-licensed, certified Green Pro exterminators regularly eliminate bed bugs from residential homes, apartments, condominiums, row homes and townhouses.

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