Bird Control & Removal

Bird Control & Removal

Bird Control & Removal

bird control removal pennsylvania We specialize in bird control, removal and exclusion services for Berks County, Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Birds do not pose a direct threat to humans, but they carry bird mites that feed on humans and bird feces can cause an unsightly mess on your property. It is important to take care of your bird problem early before their numbers multiply. We offer humane removal and deterrent solutions for Crows, Doves, Finches, Pigeons, Sea Gulls, Sparrows, Owls and Woodpeckers. Patriot Pest Solutions has over 20 years experience with humane bird removal and control methods in Pennsylvania.


Bird Removal Process

  • Safely and humanely remove all birds and nesting materials from the affected area.
  • Deodorize and disinfect area to remove any odors and excessive droppings.
  • Apply an insecticidal material to the area to kill all bird mites.
  • Prevent future nesting by sealing openings and areas conducive to bird nesting.

Birds Are Disease Vectors

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Birds pose a significant health risk to humans. As vectors for parasites and diseases, birds routinely contaminate products and cause industrial accidents. Birds build nests in attics, barns, belfries, chimney, dormers, eaves, gable apexes, roof edges, roof valleys, shutters, siding, tree tops and vents. Roosting areas are quickly covered in acidic feces which block drain pipes and gutters, erode stonework, foul fire escapes, cause structural damage, damage air conditioning units and ruin electrical systems. Bird droppings frequently contain toxic fungi causing Histoplasmosis and Cyptococcosis in humans.



What Are Bird Mites?

Bird mites are parasitic pests that make their homes in bird nests and on birds themselves. Bird mites will quickly make their way into your home from direct contact with infested birds, fallen feathers or bird nesting materials. Bird mites typically infest bedrooms and bathrooms, but have been known to quickly take over whole homes. They are aggressive and they often bite humans when their original food source has gone, as when the young birds leave the nest. It is important to remove bird mites immediately as they can quickly multiply into major infestations.

Bird Exclusion

We strongly recommend preventative maintenance steps to keep your birds from returning. Birds tend to use already existing openings around the home to make their nests. If these holes are left unsealed, more birds will move in. We use a specially made humane trapping system that incorporates one-way doors which allow the mother bird to feed the baby birds. Our team will then return after 24-48 hours to remove the trap with the birds inside. We’ll clean out nesting material, treat for bird mites, ensure that your vents are working as they should and repair the area with a stainless steel cover so they can’t make their way back in.

Bird Vent Exclusion

Hearing a scratching noise coming from your vents? Black birds, house sparrows and starlings often build their nests in vents. Bathroom vents, chimneys, dryer vents, fan vents, gable vents, microwave vents, ridge vents and stove vents are just a few of the places these birds have been known to roost. Nesting materials block air flow, eliminating the effectiveness of the vent system and contaminating your home with bird related odors. In chimneys and dryer vents, nesting materials can also present a fire hazard by preventing hot air to properly leave the building. Our team will ensure that your vents are free and clear of birds and nesting debris.

Wildlife Waste Is Toxic

animal waste in atticIf you have had animals in your attic, you could be harboring a significant health hazard. According to the Center for Disease Control, humans can contract diseases from wildlife when exposed to urine, droppings, saliva or nesting material. An animal presence in the attic means urine, feces and animal carcasses right above you and your family’s heads.

We can help! We will remove your contaminated attic insulation, disinfect, repair access holes and install a fresh, clean blanket of TAP pest control insulation. The Boric acid content of TAP insulation acts as a permanent pest control solution, disinfectant and odor eliminator where it is placed. Typical energy savings with TAP insulation range from 20%-38%.

Bird Spike Strips

Bird spike strips are humane abatement deterrents to bird roosting in common problem areas. Spike strips are environmentally friendly, non-lethal and provide a lasting bird control solution, especially in commercial areas with ongoing bird control problems.

Why Do People Trust Patriot To Remove Birds?

Patriot Pest Solutions offers over 20 years experience in bird removal and exclusion. We’re family owned and locally operated. Patriot Pest Solutions is a fully insured and licensed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Pennsylvania Trappers Association. All of our certified, state-licensed technicians are fully insured and ready to eliminate your bird problem. Our treatment methodology was devised by our own in-house Associate Certified Entomologist, one of twelve in the entire state of Pennsylvania. We know how to get rid of birds and keep them from coming back.

NWCOA Certified Pros

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We’re Certified Wildlife Professionals by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Our technicians are up to date with the latest training and certifications to provide you with the best and safest wildlife management service possible.

Proud Members of the PTA

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We’re proud to be a part of the Pennsylvania Trapper’s Association which promotes the humane trapping of wildlife. The Pennsylvania Trappers Association grew from just a handful of trappers in 1936 to become the largest state trapper’s organization in the United States.

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