Rat Control Removal

Rat Control Removal

Rat Removal & Extermination

rat control pennsylvania Rats are a common problem in Berks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties. Rats are dirty and destructive pests that contaminate food products and cooking surfaces. Patriot Pest Solutions experienced technicians will identify, eliminate and prevent future rodent issues you may have in your home or business. If you believe you have a rodent problem, call us today for a FREE estimate.




Rat Information

Few creatures in the world inspire more dread than rats. Long a symbol of death and pestilence, rats haunt our nightmares and scratch inside our walls. Once they have invaded the home, they can be very difficult to get rid of. Rats cause billions of dollars in damage every year, spoiling food supplies, chewing through electrical wires, destroying insulation and roofing materials. Although there are many different species of rats, the most common in the Delaware Valley region are Brown rats and Norway rats. Rats are active chewers and are easily able to gnaw through substances like cinder block and wood. They can fit in through openings as small as the diameter of a quarter. Rats are clever and notoriously bait and trap shy. Only a state-licensed, experienced exterminator will be able to completely eliminate your rat problem.

Rats Are Vectors Of Disease

Rats spread disease through their urine and feces and bring other unwanted pests like fleas, mites and bed bugs. Rat droppings are typically found under stove tops, on back of counters, pantry shelves and in drawers and cabinets. Droppings can carry hantavirus, hemorrhagic fever, lassa fever, leptospirosis, plague, salmonellosis and tularemia. We recommend treating your rat infestation as soon as possible to reduce your risk of contracting disease and parasites.

How Do I Know If I Have Rats?

  • Fecal Droppings - Rats leave large rice grain sized droppings everywhere they go.
  • Chewing - Rats chew on just about anything. Typically insulation, pipes and wires.
  • Entry Holes - Rats use existing holes or make their own to get inside. A rat can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter.
  • Scratching Sounds - Scratching, squealing, squeaking or grinding sounds are a good indication of a rat infestation.

Rat Removal & Control FAQs

  • Is there an organic treatment for rats? An organic treatment for mice and rats is available. It is applied to the exterior of the home and is designed to repel them from the structure.
  • What is the best way to prevent rats from entering my home? Rodent bait stations placed around the exterior of the home by a licensed pest professional will dramatically reduce rodent populations. Regularly checked and maintained rodent bait stations are the first line of defense against invading mice and rats.
  • Is it possible to locate every rodent entry point? No. Rodent entry points are very small and gaps will always exist around any structure. The best solution is a comprehensive inspection of the property and thorough sealing all gaps that are found. Once completed, an ongoing rodent program should be put in place to eliminate wild populations outside the home.

rat removal pennsylvania Rat Removal & Control

If you believe you have a rat infestation, its time to call us. Our state-licensed technicians will eliminate your current rat populations and keep future rats from re-entering. We’ll identify rat nesting sites and entry points in and around the home. Proper inspection is the key to determining the type of treatment used. Effective rat control involves population reduction, exclusion and sanitation. For already existing infestations, population reduction in the form of trapping, baiting, and tracking powders will be required. Sanitation and exclusion are preventive measures which eliminate contamination sources and re-entry into the structure. We will remove and replace soiled insulation in attics and disinfect areas that rats infest. We also offer exclusion work to keep rats from returning. This includes installing attic vent guards, dryer vent guards and gable vent closures.

Year-Round Rat Control

Patriot Pest Solutions will maintain, monitor and provide ongoing service year-round to ensure you will be rat free. Baits will be placed outside the structure in child and pet proof containers as well as in all areas conducive to rat activity. Bait stations are an invaluable tool in determining the size of the existing rat population. On each visit, your technician will inspect each bait station for signs of rat activity. We’ll check rat traps for any dead rats, remove them and keep record of how often we’re catching animals on your property.

Wildlife Waste Is Toxic

animal waste in atticIf you have had animals in your attic, you could be harboring a significant health hazard. According to the Center for Disease Control, humans can contract diseases from wildlife when exposed to urine, droppings, saliva or nesting material. An animal presence in the attic means urine, feces and animal carcasses right above you and your family’s heads.

We can help! We will remove your contaminated attic insulation, disinfect, repair access holes and install a fresh, clean blanket of TAP pest control insulation. The Boric acid content of TAP insulation acts as a permanent pest control solution, disinfectant and odor eliminator where it is placed. Typical energy savings with TAP insulation range from 20%-38%.

Why Do People Trust Patriot To Remove Rats?

Patriot Pest Solutions offers over 20 years experience in rat removal and exclusion. We’re family owned and locally operated. Patriot Pest Solutions is a fully insured and licensed with the Pennsylvania Game Commission, National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Pennsylvania Trappers Association. All of our certified, state-licensed technicians are fully insured and ready to eliminate your rat problem. Our treatment methodology was devised by our own in-house Associate Certified Entomologist, one of twelve in the entire state of Pennsylvania. We know how to get rid of rats and keep them from coming back.

NWCOA Certified Pros

national wildlife control operators association pennsylvaniaWe’re Certified Wildlife Professionals by the National Wildlife Control Operators Association. Our technicians are up to date with the latest training and certifications to provide you with the best and safest wildlife management service possible.

Proud Members of the PTA

pennsylvania trappers associationWe’re proud to be a part of the Pennsylvania Trapper’s Association which promotes the humane trapping of wildlife. The Pennsylvania Trappers Association grew from just a handful of trappers in 1936 to become the largest state trapper’s organization in the United States.

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